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Kathy Nitz

Benefits Advocate

(309) 764-2273 x 203

Kathy Nitz is a Benefits Advocate with GolderCare. Her experience with seniors started at a very young age. When she was four, after losing her father, she and her mother moved in with her grandparents. There is the saying that “It takes a village to raise a child” and in her case, that is what happened. As a single mother, Kathy’s mother worked long hours. Along with her

grandparents, Kathy had three sets of great aunts and uncles within a two-block area that all

helped in the child care. Her fondest childhood memory isn’t playing on the playground or with

friends but was going to card club with her grandmother’s friends! She has been part of the senior community since she was a child. Kathy truly recognizes that our seniors have rich and full lives and have so much to share.


​Having gone through the personal experience of the stresses associated with aging family

members, Kathy brings her special talents to our office in advocating for our clients. She is our “go-to” person for public benefits and serves our clients with her determination and many years of experience. She understands how to interface and navigate the complex Medicaid system and its bureaucratic red tape from beginning to end. Because of her expertise, there are DHS

caseworkers and attorneys who have consulted with Kathy on the details of especially difficult



​When offered the opportunity to help other people during their loved one’s journey of life, Kathy

knew that GolderCare Solutions was the right place for her. Her greatest satisfaction is helping

people navigate the difficult systems in order to get the help they need.