Informed Choice Senior Living - You Have Options

By securing the right help at the right time, it increases the likelihood that one can maintain their independence for all that much longer. We are so fortunate in the Quad Cities to be rich in resources for seniors and those needing care. All too often, I see folks wait until a situation is dire before they will even consider (a) telling someone about it; (b) exploring assistance options; or (c) accepting assistance. What they don’t understand is by waiting too long to get appropriate help (home care or some sort of outside assistance) when they really need it, they are increasing the likelihood of need to move to the next level of care sooner than they otherwise would.

If alternative housing is indicated there are multiple independent living facilities, assisted living and full scale nursing facilities in the area to consider. Finding the right one for you at the right time can be challenging. They all have different amenities, as well as different ways to pay for each. It is important to be clear on what you need, what you want and what you can afford before making an all-consuming life changing decision.

Additionally, it is important to see your primary care physician on a regular basis, not only for the purpose of proactive healthy living, but if you do need nursing home care, assisted living care or some types of home care, you will need an order from your physician to access that care. You may also consider a consultation with an independent advocate just to get you started on the right path.

Julie Arndt is a licensed social worker working in the field of geriatrics for over twenty five years with expertise in medical case management and community based services. You can reach Julie at GolderCare Solutions Unlimited, LLC 309-764-2273 for additional information.