Do You Qualify for Veterans “Aid and Attendance”? Special “Pension” Benefit might Work for You!

November is a month in which we honor our service Veterans. Being the daughter and granddaughter of Navy men, I take this holiday especially seriously!

Many of our GolderCare clients are veterans, and one of the benefits that we often investigate for them is VA Aid and Attendance.

What is “Aid and Attendance”?

Aid and Attendance is a “pension” benefit from the VA. Because pension is NOT an entitlement benefit, the guidelines are somewhat fluid and complicated. Here are a few of them:

  • Age, medical status, diagnosis, location, living situation

  • Service of at least 90 consecutive days, one day of which must be during a time of war as delineated by the VA. Veterans often assume that they do not qualify because they were not in active combat nor did they serve overseas. That is not the case. Neither my father nor grandfather ever fired their weapon in combat during their time in the service. Both would have qualified for Aid and Attendance because they were in the Navy during a time of war.

(There are also other special circumstances wherein a Veteran can qualify even if their service dates do not fall into the designated periods of war. If you are a Veteran, it is worth your time to look into this with someone knowledgeable with VA benefits. You will need to have your DD-214 or other qualifying discharge documentation available when you inquire.)

  • Unreimbursed Medical Expenses (UME) that you must pay out of your monthly income. (Generally, any medical expenses that are not covered by Medicare or other health insurance are considered a UME. Examples of UME are health insurance premiums, incontinence products, drug co-pays, and durable medical equipment such as walkers, canes, special equipment. Additionally, home care or the cost of an Assisted Living facility are also qualified UMEs.)

You can use Aid and Attendance now, and Medicaid later … but these benefits have vastly different rules. One small mistake can cause you to be denied.

Don’t let that happen to you! Call us today to help you navigate the complexities that will protect your assets and your quality of life.

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